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Reducing high-risk student alcohol use one campus, one student, one digit at a time.

360 Proof is a comprehensive evidence-based program that was created to help universities reduce the consequences of high-risk alcohol use and enhance collaboration between campus prevention team students and their support systems.

Hallmark to the success of 360 Proof is the commitment to enhancing collaboration between campus prevention team, students and their support systems.

- Reducing high-risk alcohol use is a collaborative effort.

Although most students don’t engage in high-risk drinking, those that do impact the entire community through secondhand effects. You can play an important role in the collaborative effort to challenge these norms.

- The PFI Approach Works

The confidential Personalized Feedback Index is a candid and confidential online tool designed for students to consider the personal impact of alcohol use and strategies to reduce alcohol-related harms. Test it out yourself below.

- NIAAA Recommended Strategies

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) has been instrumental in compiling research on college alcohol prevention, targeting both individual students and campus environments. Utilizing CollegeAIM, campuses work to align strategies to reduce high-risk drinking.

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